Collection of Teddy Day Messages for WhatsApp and Facebook

After the Chocolate Day in the Valentines Week comes the Teddy Day. In this day, the lovers are seen to be sharing Teddy to their dear ones along with the Best Teddy Day Messages for WhatsApp and Facebook 2018. For most people it is hard to write these messages by their own. To help them, we are here providing a huge list of Cute Teddy Day Messages 2018.

These messages can make a huge space in your lover’s mind for you. So, what are you waiting for, lets check these Teddy Day Messages 2018 for Lovers and share them with the persons who are close to your hearts.

Teddy Day Messages for WhatsApp and Facebook

We all love to share messages on WhatsApp and Facebook and on Teddy Day, we have collected few beautiful and lovely messages that can be posted on WhatsApp and Facebook. Just check out the best and post it right now on your FB wall or on WhatsApp status…

“A Teddy Bear Is A Faithful Friend You Can
Pick Him Up At Either End, His Fur Is The
Color Of Breakfast Toast, And He’s Always
There When You Need Him Most,
Happy Teddy Bear Day.”

“I wish I was a teddy bear,
that lay upon your bed,
so every time you cuddled it,
you cuddled me instead,
Happy teddy day.”

“By Gifting You This Teddy I Want To Show
Am Ready To Make You Mine And Fill My Life
With Sunshine.”

“A bedroom without teddy is
like a face without a smile.”

“Teddy Bear Day Is A Day Of Love
It’s A Day When You Find Your True
Love A Day Of Hearts And Yummy Candies
A Day When Cupid Hits You With A Love Arrow
A Day When You Find Your Teddy Bear
Will You Be Mine?”

“The Soft Cuddly Teddy Is There To Show I Will Always Be There This You Should Know
Happy Teddy Day.”

“A cute teddy bear, to the cutest friend,
on a cute occasion,
Happy teddy day.”

“Leave it once it’ll will be left forever,
Get it once it’ll be yours forever,
It’s nothing but LOVE,
LOVE only once and you’ll be loved forever.”

“There is not a moment in my life that
I will not think about my cute teddy bear,
I love my teddy each and
every day sweet heart and I especially love
everything about teddy”

“Teddy bears don’t need hearts as
they are already stuffed with love,
I’m your Teddy with a big heart.”

“Even if he sun refused to shine,
even if romance ran out of rhyme,
you would still have my heart until The end of time you’re All i need my love

“Teddy bears don’t need hearts  as they are
already stuffed with love. I’m your Teddy
with a big heart.”

“My sweet teddy is the reason i believe in love,
My teddy tech me lot of things
kindness and sweetness,
Happy teddy day.”

“To my cutest cuddly wife Who is
certainly my life This teddy bear is a
sign That you will be forever mine.”
“Teddy bears don’t need hearts
as they are already stuffed with love.
I m ur Teddy with a big heart.”

“I grew up listening to fairy tales,
when I met you,
I knew that fairy tales can also be true,
thanks for making my fairy tale come true.”

“My teddy always brightens up my life
with your smile. I love you my sweet
teddy bear.”

“A true love is a durable fire In the mind ever
burning Never sick, never old, never dead
From itself never turning,
Happy Teddy Day”

“Love me Love my Teddy Bear
Kiss me Kiss me my Teddy Bear
Hug me Hug me my Teddy Bear
Happy Teddy Bear Day”

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